Magic Solution - 65ml

For All Skin Type - 适合所有类型的皮肤

Function 功效:

  • 紧致提升 Tight Lifting
  • 修复愈合伤口 Repair Healing Wounds
  • 平衡油脂 Balance Grease
  • 消炎抗菌 Anti-inflammatory Antibacterial

神奇水轻轻一喷,迅速渗透皮肤,30-50毫米深 将几十种矿物通过纳米技术渗透皮肤吸收如下惊人效果。
Use Magic solution lightly sprayed, rapidly penetrate the skin, 30-50cm deep. The dozens of minerals through nanotechnology. Transdermal absorption as the following amazing results.

Direction 用法:
After cleansing the face with cleansing products, use spray to align the face about 15cm to distribute the product evenly on the face. No need to pat it with your hands, let the product absorb naturally, spray once a day in the morning and evening. In order to see the obvious effect more quickly, you can also increase the number of uses every day, such as spraying three times a day in the morning and evening, and three times after cleaning at noon.

Active Ingredients 活性成分:

  • 钙 Calcium
  • 镁 Magnesium
  • 锰 Manganese
  • 钾 Potassium
  • 钠 Natrium
  • 锌 Zinc
  • 铁 Iron
  • 硅 Silicon

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