Blackhead Remover - 18ml

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Blackhead Remover - 18ml OIL CONTROL / 控油 LA' genic Blackhead Remover - 18ml OIL CONTROL / 控油 LA' genic

Blackhead acne, thick pores skin - 适合黑头粉刺,粗大毛孔

Function 功效:

  • 黑头粉刺Blackhead acne
  • 控油 Oil Control

Ingredients to treat noticeable pores of four types 有效地治疗四种类型毛孔之成份

  1. 毛孔粗大:因皮脂生产过剩而引起
    Open Pores: Caused by production of sebum

    • 皮脂吸收粉末 PDA/Tr. Methyl Hexyllactone Crosspolymer
    • 冷却(紧缩) Methylpropanediol
  2. 毛孔暗哑:黑色素.氧化角质缩造成
    Darkened Pores: caused by melanin and oxidation of horny plugs Funcos C-IS

    • 预制黑色素生成 Inhibition of melanin production
    • 抗氧化 Antioxidation
  3. 毛孔松弛:失去弹性所致
    Slackening pores: caused by loss of elasticity Funcos C-IS

    • 促进胶原蛋白的生产 Promoting the production of collagen
    • 预制胶原蛋白的退化 Suppression of collagen degradation
  4. 皮肤毛孔粗糙:缺乏水分所引起
    Rough skin pores: caused by lack of moisture
    Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract

    • 改进屏障防护功能 Improvement of barrier function
    • 促进聚角蛋白微丝的生产 Promoting the production of filaggrin

Active Ingredients 活性成分:

Vitamin C, Fatty Acid, Phosphoric Acid
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